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Evelyn Waugh Chronology by Norman Page - AbeBooks

Donat Gallagher, Methuen, London reprints the texts of more than pieces by Waugh, published in the period to More than further titles are listed but not reprinted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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II, p. Works by Evelyn Waugh. Auberon Waugh Evelyn Gardner. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cobden-Sanderson, London Davis ed. Pilgrim Books, Norman, Oklahoma Appeared in The Pistol Troop Magazine, The Isis , 30 May Certainly there is a strong element of the autobiographical in his earliest short stories—and a hint of the direction his future writing would take.

At the time Waugh, too, had been rejected in love and had tried to take his own life. Opting to kill himself through a life of dissipation, Adam befriends the shadowy Ernest Vaughan whose violent death shocks him back into sobriety. Vaughan makes a surprise reappearance in "The Tutor" , another autobiographical short story , and many of the darker aspects of his personality were to resurface in Basil Seal, a recurring character in Waugh's fiction.

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As he grew older Waugh always insisted that his work was "external to himself," but, as his voluminous diaries and letters make clear, his own personal experiences were central to just about everything that he wrote. This is not to say that his fiction is veiled autobiography: rather, Waugh transmogrified real-life characters and encounters as a means of creating a fictional world that would help him confront life's central issues.

For example, "Charles Ryder's Schooldays" was both an intended sequel to Brideshead Revisited and an attempt to recreate Waugh's own religious self-questioning while a schoolboy at Lancing.

Waugh, Evelyn (Arthur St. John)

While Waugh never made any great claims for his prewar short stories, he was prepared to recycle many of the ideas, characters, and themes in his later fiction. For the most part these stories are highly stylized pieces in which characters like Henty in "The Man Who Loved Dickens" are little more than stereotypes, and the differences between good and evil, loneliness and boredom, are more clearly drawn.

These, too, were preoccupations of Waugh's at the time. After the publication of Brideshead Revisited in a harsher and more somber tone enters Waugh's writing as he steadily began to withdraw from what he thought was a drab new world.

Novels by Evelyn Waugh

Typical of this mood was the story "Tactical Exercise" in which the central character, John Verney, is a villain who plans to murder his wife because she is having an affair with a Jewish colleague. Unbeknownst to him she, too, is planning to kill him and does so by the very methods he was intending to employ. Verney is a deeply flawed character, consumed by a deep loathing of the world around him, a hatred Waugh was also coming to share.

More engaging is the eponymous central character of the novella Scott-King's Modern Europe. A somewhat dim and solitary middle-aged bachelor, Scott-King is catapulted from his work as a classics master into the postwar world of Neutralia to attend the celebrations of their national poet Bellorius. To his dismay he finds that his Europe has disappeared, and classical culture, fine wine, and good food have been replaced by "the victories of barbarism. After a series of preposterous adventures he ends up in a refugee camp in Palestine where he is rescued by one of his pupils, once a classics student but now a doctor.

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As Waugh makes clear in this sharp little fable, the new Europe has abandoned classical grace in favor of a sterile modernism. He returned to the theme in a later novella, Love among the Ruins, which began as a short story before going through several drafts to become a Jamesian "long" short story.

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Set in a monstrous rehabilitation center in the indeterminate future, it follows Miles Plastic's vain attempts to kick against a system in which criminals are "the victims of inadequate social services. Inevitably she betrays him, and, having glimpsed the vestiges of an older and more cultivated past, Miles turns again to a life of crime. Not a great work, Love among the Ruins is nonetheless a harsh attack on the leveling drabness of state interference, which Waugh saw as one of the worst features of the postwar world.

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A feature of Waugh's short stories is his preoccupation with many of the themes that run through all his fiction—the conflict between faith and reason and the relationship between loneliness and estrangement and cruelty and death. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. September 24, Retrieved September 24, from Encyclopedia. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. Waugh, Evelyn Arthur St. John Updated About encyclopedia. John gale. John Nationality: English. Scott-King's Modern Europe novella. Love among the Ruins novella.