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We will present and discuss the work our team has been doing in this field in the last years. This work is intended to fill this gap by proposing and validating a general and simple molecular model with the soft-SAFT equation of state [1] giving physical insight into the development of the model and the accuracy of the parameters for predictive purposes. This is accomplished by including different calculations of thermophysical properties of ionic liquid families with two different cations imidazolium and pyridinium and several anions BF4 , PF6 , Tf2N , MeSO4 , etc.

In all cases , simple but reliable molecular models are presented based on structural information and , also , in results obtained from molecular simulations and ab-initio calculations. As a first step the molecular parameters are fitted to single-phase equilibrium data and used in a transferable manner to predict other properties , such as high pressure density data , enthalpy of vaporization , critical points , interfacial tensions [2] and second order thermodynamic derivative properties.

Correlations with the molecular weight are identified. Some derivative properties heat capacity , isothermal compressibility , etc. The second step involves the assessment of the predictive ability to reproduce the solubility of several pollutant gases CO2 , SO2 , NH3 , H2S in those ILs , as compared to experimental data []. In most of the cases , excellent agreement is found using a single temperature-independent binary parameter.

Ionic Liquids for Better Separation Processes | Angus & Robertson

The transferability of the binary parameters is also assessed. An estimation of the energetic properties is given in order to determine the effect of enthalpic and entropic effects on the solution. Finally , aqueous mixtures of ionic liquids and their mutual solubilities liquid-liquid equilibrium are reproduced with this approach [].

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References[1] F. Blas , L. F Vega , Mol.

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Green Separation Processes with Ionic Liquids

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Ionic Liquids in Separation Technology

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Date February 21, Categories Innovation. Trends in sustainable extraction and purification techniques — Ionic liquids from a clinical and pharmacological point of view. What are ionic liquids?


Ionic liquids in clinical and pharmacological fields Aqueous biphasic systems ABS are, in general, two aqueous solutions of structurally different compounds separated into two coexisting phases where, above a given concentration, one of the phases will be enriched in one of the solutes and other in the second one. Obtain your free of charge workplan by clicking here. Joao Calixto. Author: Joao Calixto MSc in Biochemistry with interest in the clinical field, having worked with ionic liquids for diagnosis purposes.

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