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While ninja lore has long been popular in Japan, the cloaked assassins experienced a popularity boom during the Reagan years in the United States, a natural evolution of the martial-arts movie craze. These flicks were eager to thrill martial-arts hungry American audiences with ninja assassins.

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We saw shuriken flung in comic books and cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We even chucked virtual ones in video games like Ninja Gaiden It was no accident that one of the most desired G. Joe figures was the ninja Storm Shadow, who proudly displayed two shuriken in his waist sash. By the time I was eight or nine, I knew one thing for sure: I must have a ninja star. I wanted one just like the by-then iconic throwing stars I saw in movies and video games.

Ninja,stars,weapons,projectiles,stealth - free photo from moatrenurualsnud.ga

Sure, I was young and naive. Artist Katsuhika Hokusai, for instance, is often credited with first depicting ninja in their iconic black outfits—a costume apparently inspired by the dark clothing of kabuki stagehands. So much of what we know about the ninja, and in turn shuriken, is intertwined with fantasy, which explains why these stealth assassins continue to capture the imagination. Not disheartened, I saved up my allowance for a practice set of foam stars. I thought I was pretty badass.

The silver metal glistened when he took it out of the black velvet box. The star was stabby-stabby sharp, and we did what any kids would do: we took it outside to throw at a tree. The shuriken felt heavy in my hand, and I was already visualizing how it would slice through the air. With a party it may be possible to level with Killing Stroke as well.


Melee ninjas tend to be the most difficult to level. This is mainly due to the high SP costs of skills. Its common for melee ninjas to pick up one or two skills from the throwing ninja skill tree, such as Throw Shuriken , Throw Kunai , or Throw Huuma Shuriken , which tends to make leveling easier.

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Equipped with this and possibly other Perfect Dodge gears, a Ninja can be used to drag high-attack monsters with little risk, but must still be careful of magic and monsters' elemental attacks. Aside from being able to equip most dagger type weapons, Ninja's are also able to equip Ninja-class only daggers, some of which are available through item quests. Being an Expanded class, Ninjas cannot wear any gears that are labeled as being only for Transcendent classes CU.

Stealthy Silver Throwing Star Set

Ninjas have two types of ammunition: Shuriken and Kunai. In addition, certain Ninja skills require catalysts that can only be purchased in Amatsu. Used for the skill Throw Shuriken. The bonus damage added by the skills Dagger Throwing Practice and Throw Shuriken act like mastery bonuses and therefore bypass normal defense. It will also hit, even if the Ninja would normally miss it's target. Used for the skill Throw Kunai. The damage done by Kunai also bypasses most the enemies defense and will hit, even if the Ninja would normally miss.

You will get 10 kunais per creation. Catalyst Stones are needed to cast various magic-type Ninja skills and to manufacture Kunai. Ninjas have three primary branches of skills: Throwing, Deception and Magic. The player can opt to master one branch, or mix elements from two branches. They also have the sub-branch with supportive skills, and an "Ultimate" skill. Deception is a mix of evasion skills and attack skills, and usually all Ninja builds will include Cicada Skin Shed due to its usefulness in avoiding attacks. Jump to: navigation , search.

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    Nimbus Shuriken. Flash Shuriken. Sharp Leaf Shuriken. Thorn Needle Shuriken. Icicle Kunai. Black Earth Kunai. High Wind Kunai. Heat Wave Kunai. Fell Poison Kunai.


    Genji in Fallout 76 (A true ninja PvP Build)

    Flame Stone. Blaze Shield and Exploding Dragon.

    Ice Stone. Watery Evasion and Snow Flake Draft. Wind Stone. Lightning Jolt and First Wind. Shadow Orb. Dagger Throwing Practice. Gives a Weapon Mastery -type damage bonus to Throw Shuriken.